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Position: IC Digital Design Engineer

Working place: Wuxi

Responsibilities: Responsible for the specification of digital circuits, RTL code writing, verification, synthesis, sequential analysis, and measurability design.


1. Microelectronics or related major, bachelor degree or above, more than two years working experience.

2. Master signal and system, digital signal processing, familiar with USB protocol design experience is preferred.

3.Proficient in Verilog, Tcl, C, Perl and other design languages.

4. Familiar with the digital front-end design process, including RTL coding, Synthesis, DFT/ATPG, Formal Verification, STA.

5. Can be proficient in using Synopsys Cadence related EDA tool software.

6. With analog circuit base ability, have  digital analog hybrid circuit design experience is better.

7.Have team spirit, enterprising, responsibility, can join to the existing team soonly.

8. DFT related working experience or Fab experience is preferred, FPGA application experience is preferred.

Position: Senior IC Layout Engineer

Responsibilities: Responsible for the design of the back end layout, including the planning and design of the module and top, and tape out the layout.

Working place: Wuxi


1. Bachelor degree or above,3~5 years IC layout related work experience,have independent layout tape out experience is preferred.

2. Familiar with the principle of digital and analog circuit,have digital analog hybrid circuit layout experience is preferred.

3. Can independently plan the overall chip floorplan, and have top design experience is preferred.

4. Familiar with the CMOS design process, familiar with DRC and LVS and other processes and CMD file, familiar with candance virtuso, calibre and other tools.

5. Have strict working attitude, good communication ability and team spirit.

Position: Senior Electronic Engineer

Working place: Wuxi

Responsibilities: MCU code writing and debugging, coordinate the team members of testing, software and hardware,write the product specification and application files.


1.Electronic Engineering, electrical automation, communication technology or mechanical and electrical integration or related major, more than 3 years of working experience.

2. Familiar with the R&D, production process and basic inspection specifications and requirements of electrical products.

3. Familiar with electronic circuit schematic design, have the experience of MCU application, more than 3 years of software and hardware development, C51 or assembly language is preferred.

4. Have good documentation skills, familiar with office software, PROTEL/PADS9.5, etc..

5. With Strict attitude, positive team spirit, strong ability to advance and independent thinking.

6. Familiar with the SPI, IIC, USB interface is preferred.

7. Familiar with the application developement of computer peripherals is preferred, such as: mouse, keyboard, game handle and so on.

Position: FAE

Working place: Wuxi, Shenzhen

Responsibilities: Technical support for product promotion and application, solve the technical problems on the client side.


1. College degree or above, electronic, computer and other related major.

2. More than1 year working experience in electronics industry.

3. Have working experience of the mouse industry is better, and familiar with the game control input devices such as mouse, keyboard and so on.

4. Have strong communication and cooperation ability, strong execution, work active , strong sense of responsibility, honest and sincere, and sensitive market consciousness.